At Sprout, we offer a variety of landscape services including landscape design, consulting, construction and maintenance. We start by determining your goals to help decide which service is right for you.  Our flexible service packages will accommodate the amount of assistance you need.

Please complete our Landscape Questionnaire to help determine your needs.

Landscape Design Services:

Our landscape design packages feature a scaled landscape plan, which includes all the existing and new features and materials labeled for clear identification.

The starting prices listed below are based on the general size of the area and typical amount of detail needed. For example, a basic bed and shrub layout would require much less detail than an expansive mixed perennial garden.

Small-Medium Area (e.g. small front yard): $300+

Medium-Large Area (e.g. large front yard): $400+

Small-Medium Property (front, back and side yards): $500+

Medium-Large Property (front, back and side yards): $600+

*Every client’s situation is different; the above is a basic guideline and is subject to change.

Click to enlarge each sample landscape design below:


Consulting Service:

Whether it’s a simple brainstorming session or having us manage the installation of your landscape project, our consulting service provides you flexibility for as much or as little help you may need. Not sure if you need a design or a simple consultation? Please contact us to help determine the level of assistance you may need.

Hourly consulting: $75/hr.
–    Includes on-site meeting to review your property, discuss your goals, and general brainstorming. If you decide to move forward with our design service, we will credit this charge toward your design fee!

DIY Design & Support Services:

Are you thinking about tackling a project yourself? We enjoy seeing our customers get their hands dirty, and our DIY design & support services can provide the extra help you need to get your project done right the first time. Our support may include a landscape design to follow, installation tips, supplemental labor, and help finding sources for stone, plants, and other landscape materials. We can even arrange plant deliveries straight to your door! Call us to discuss a DIY support package for your next project.

Precision Landscape & Hardscape Care Services:


Details can make a significant difference in achieving an attractive, well-cared for landscape. Plant health leads to happy plants that will produce the benefits we want, such as flowering, berry production, fall color, and winter hardiness. Proper pruning and overall care of plants of all sizes will reduce the stresses that often result in sad looking, unhealthy plants.

Our precision landscape care includes detailed, selective pruning of ornamental trees and shrubs, aiming to support natural, healthy form. We also perform detailed spring and fall cleanups and can recommend better suited plants for your yard or gardens to help reduce maintenance.

Contact us for an evaluation of your existing landscape to determine the best course of action to achieve a healthy, well-tended, appealing landscape!

HARDSCAPE RESTORATION: Cleaning, Sanding & Sealing

Have an old patio or walkway in need of a face lift? Give your patio, sidewalk, retaining wall or other hardscape feature a fresh look by having us clean and seal the surface. Over time, grime finds its way into the joints and pores of your hardscape surface. Our cleaning and sealing services will help restore the surface of old patios, sidewalks or other hardscape features, protect them from harsh outdoor conditions, and ensure prolonged beauty and many years of use.

Brick paver sealerAfter a new paver installation, or after cleaning an older paver area, fine sand is swept into the joints to lock the pavers in place.  Applying a brick paver stabilizing sealer will solidify the sanded joints and waterproof the surface. The sealer will protect the pavers area from weed growth, mold/ mildew, liquid stains and oil spills, anthill activity, and sun fading. These same cleaning and sealing benefits can be applied for concrete surfaces as well!

Contact us to discuss possible ways to improve the health, vigor and beauty of your landscape!